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Anti Mosquito free effective

Mosquito are vectors, they transmitte diseases between people or between people and animals. Mosquito-borne diseases can cause high mortality, include: dengue, fever, yellow fever,… So people have more ways to kill them: mosquito spraying nets with chemicals, using mosquito sprays,… But these measures are expensive but ineffective.

I’ll introduce to you a great measure than that for free. That’s Anti Mosquito – mosquito repellent app FREE.
1. Great mosquito repellent:
 • According to research by scientists and characterization of mosquito. Your smart phone was became great mosquito repellent device by our applications.
 • Your smart phone will emit sound waves with frequencies from 17KHz to 22KHz. Causes fear that mosquitoes don’t dare to close.

 • You can customize different frequencies, check frequency can thoroughly mosquitoes in your home.
• We recommend you to at frequencies from 20 KHz to 22 KHz, it’ll work effectively without affecting the ear.

 • No harm to the user, people around and pets the house.
• No noise, not break your quiet space.
 • Battery saving, while still running off the screen.
2. Note:
 • When using the speaker should turn to for widespread mosquito repellent.
 • Application off after use.
 • Adjust the frequency accordingly for best performance.

 • Mosquito repellent app for free on himself, and dialogue is always so.
Link download in google play: